Action Step


300,000 HI Residences

Buy Locally Made

1 Day a month – 1st Fri.

  • Show-up with a Half Hawaiian Million Shoppers = All Stores Carry Local that Day.
  • Objective: 20% to 40% Tourist Join = $2 Billion new Biz for Local



Voters Union


ASP runs candidates from one industry per election cycle. This election we run all farmers. Next, it will be nurses and the next election all teachers. 

ASP Candidates resign 2 weeks before the election and give their vote over to one of the other party candidates. In this way, we are not competing with the other political parties, but rather, getting them to compete for our vote and commit to our ‘demands.’

We call it a Political Co-op. Think of it as a Voters Union. A new model for a political party – A Political Co-op: The Voters Union.




Hawaiian Political Demands

Convert tourists into long term consumers of Hawaiian Made.




1% of Gov’t budget for Small Biz, Farmers, HI.

1% may sound small, but equals $2 billion. BIG biz gets tax-breaks & benefits. Small biz gets NO BREAKS. Now they will get the help they need.



Gov’t place Hawaiians, Farmers & Small biz front & center tourist experience at least one day a month.



Goal: Convert tourists into long term consumers of Hawaiian Made. We get new export market for local biz.



Small Biz grants against 50% of taxes paid by biz & employees over 5 years.





Campaign: Hawaiian Style


  • Export Tourism
  • Build exports: Reset Hawaii tourism experience around ‘Hawaiian Style:’ a…..Exports can equal all today’s tourism revenue within the decade - if 10% of tourists become consumers upon returning home. Easy plan for economic growth.


  • Lifestyle Branding

Hawaiian Style offers alternative to staples: Breadfruit French-fries instead of potatoes. Passion Fruit instead of orange juice. Coconut oil vs soybean oil. Give tourists 30 to 100 exposures to Hawaiian Style during visit so it becomes part of their lifestyle upon their return home.  


  • Restaurant Row Hilo: RR Hilo

4 Objectives 

- 1 day a month to celebrate all things Hawaiian.

-Emerse tourist in ‘Hawaiian Style’ experience.

-Put Hawaiians in forefront

-Convert tourist into long term consumers of HI Made -Build Small Biz Exports


4 Goals


Celebrate All-Things Hawaiian

1 Day a month to celebrate all things Hawaiian – music, artist, food.

Positives Only

Work with positives -only. Politics today has trained us in what we hate of ‘the others.’ ASP offers 1 day a month to join as one people and celebrate all the things we hold in common cause. Find the positive of what you don’t like and we will help you celebrate those things.


New Conversation

Buy-Local is a Gateway Issue. It slides into most every other topic from the wonder that is HI and our people, to the best of community and all manner of humanitarian issues.


Small biz and farmers are the pillars of community and the core of sustainability. Local goods are also what tourist want when they visit. Hawaii has 1 million resident buyers compared to 10 million tourist a year. If just 10% of tourist join our events, we can boost local biz 100%. Hope to attract 20% to 40% of all tourist to our events and quadruple small biz.




Member ‘I Pledge to...’


1) Buy Locally Made on 1st Friday

-Easy for stores @ one 1 day a month.

-Fun for shoppers.

-Big Event for Tourist.

-Every store will carry local that day.

2) Ask 3 friends & family to join me (u)

-Don’t need TV & media once we talk to each other. Welcome to grass roots.

3) Ask 1 Store:

“Show me your Hawaiian Made.”

-10 to 20 customers asking Small Biz.

-1,500 shoppers ask Walmart, Macy; corporate will hear about it in 48 hrs.




4) Wear Hawaiian Made 1st Sat

5) Make Something (w hands)

6) $20 –Annual membership fee.

-300k people x $20 = $6 million. $ is for marketing blitz. Tourist get dozens of exposures of Hawaiian Style products. Scale-up all buy-local programs across state & get farmers into big venues like Ala Moana, Waikiki




Principles of ASP

  • Only Positives
  • Celebration as Activism
  • Common Cause w/ 90% vote
  • Easy Action Steps of Time & $
  • 3rd Option Policy Proposals
  • Focus on Sustainability
  • New Dialogue & Think Tank
  • Monthly Projects
  •  Gandhi Principles of Revolution
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