Consumers are the Labor Movement of the 21st Century

Welcome to the American Shopping Party

“I Am The American Shopper”


By Raghu Giuffre


Consumers are the Labor Movement of 21st Century people. The social political causes of the labor movement of the last century can now be achieved through our buying power as an American Shopper. Today, we formalize this buying power as the official Consumer Movement of America.

Welcome to the American Shopping Party.

1 day a month, 50 million Americans buy Local American Made. Show up with 50 million shoppers and every store across the country will carry something local or American Made on this day. The first Friday of each month will be now dedicated to celebrate the best of all things local and American.





60 Million Shoppers


Feel your power as an American Shopper. Unions for example bemoan their 14 million US membership – and falling. That’s just 10% the labor force.

My dear unions, know the easy cure - tap the power of your members as an American Shopper.

Mr Vice President Biden, please call upon each union member to find just 3 friends and family to join our American Shoppers. This gives you a movement 60 million members strong. That is 40% the labor force – now unleashed upon our markets within days - if not hours.

60 million also happens to be the number of followers Trump has on Twitter or how many women that go shopping every Saturday - double that on holidays. Women represent 70% of all US domestic buying. See power they hold within the palm of their hand - as a single demographic. This is the same power you carry as an American Shopper - with each dollar you spend. These are only a few of the social groupings that will change history in our power as the American Shopper.

My dear President Trump, will you join us in this Buy American Made Day?

My dear women of American, will you take the lead in our Buy Local Small Biz Day?

My Dear VP Biden, will you rally the unions to join us?

My Dear Mayor Kim, will you declare Hawaii’s Buy Local Day?




Know Your Power – Change the World


Decades of critics told of the liabilities of the modern consumer. Today, I tell of your many benefits. To know these is the power to change the world as an American Shopper.

  • The might of China’s trillion-dollar manufacturing was built upon the dollar of the American Shopper.
  • All the savvy of India’s billion-dollar tech industry was also built upon the dollar of the American Shopper.
  • So too the modern gilded cities of Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia of the Middle East. Each of their nations also built upon your dollar as the American Shopper.
  • Billions from nations the world over, lifted from the worst of poverty in step of history’s greatest transfer of modern technology, infrastructure and governance for a leap of mankind worth millennia of evolution in but a couple decades.


These are only a few wonders born of the American Shopper. History tells of similar legacies as the work of armies, heroes, angels or gods, but always, it is for a single king, one nation or some small region. Not so for the American Shopper. Your magic touches most every nook and cranny of our planet.

Capitalist claim credit for these feats, but it is you, the American Shopper, that sits as the heart of this machine – at least for now. We only ask: Shop with heart and see the world transform. And so too, when you stop buying, economies of the world stop along with you. Today, the economic heart of the world has stopped beating.

Today, we call upon your power to now save American’s small business in their darkest hour of greatest need. Will join us this day to Buy Local American? Save our small business as the community treasures we hold of our towns and jump start America once again – if not the whole of the world.



Economic Democracy Next Gen Social Policy


Voting with your dollar is called Economic Democracy. Every dollar is a vote and this vote always – ALWAYS - counts. Well, it counts at least 70% of the time. 70% of our entire US economy is/was based upon your consumption.  And so this also means that you, the American Shopper, decide who gets our trillion dollars - 70% of the time. Has any common man ever held greater power with so little but spending their own dollar?


This economic tale is only the beginning of our power. Technology and innovation have only enhanced our reach into Next Generation Social Policy.


  • You want our young American soldier out of Middle East wars?

Buy a Tesla. Buy 5 million of them - a year - and see the relevancy of foreign oil collapse in step with falling petro-car sales.


  • You want to fight global warming?

Switch to plant based Impossible Burger in place of livestock farming (which produces 20% to 50% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Fast food chains now sell these Environmental Burgers on most every corner).


  • You don’t like nuclear or coal power?

Put in solar panels on your roof.


  • You want to stop animal cruelty:

Buy Ahimsa Dairy wherein the cow is never killed and left to free range pasture.


  • You Brazil to hear you to please stop burning down the Amazon rainforest?

Buy from our local American Farmers.


  • AND…if you truly want American Jobs, strong communities, booming small biz and high quality food of neighborhood farmers (in their offer to real food security):

Then please, PLEASE – PLEASE , my dear friends, please join our Buy Local American Day on the first Friday of each month. This will be one day a month wherein all of us can now come together to celebrate the best of who we are as one people.


Welcome to Economic Democracy.



Buy Local for Nov – Dec


6 months ago, America was 30 million small businesses. They generated $3 trillion in revenues and 50% of all US jobs. More telling is the 50 cents of every dollar they give back back to our own community. Chain stores only give us 13 cents on the dollar. That’s a 4 to 1 return by small biz over Big Box stores. It’s why buying local just 1 day a month makes such a big difference.

America’s small biz are the jewels of our community talent, the vibrance to our quality of life and the building blocks of family neighborhoods. Never in before have small biz, farmer and entrepreneur needed us more as they do today.  We are calling upon all who care to come speak as one voice. We are here for you small biz - each and every month.  





Goal: 50 Million Shoppers


Our Goal:

15% of people in any given place joining to Buy Local American. That would be 300,000 residence of Hawaii showing up to buy local. That’s 6 million buyers when California joins us.

Our goal: 50 million Americans taken from across the nation. Each pledged to small biz, farmer and entrepreneurs. Doing this just one day a month makes it very easy for stores, and yet, it totals two weeks a year. A Black Friday every month for small biz - 12 times a year.


Let’s jump-start this Buy Local American Day for this coming October. It’s a practice run for the Christmas season. 40% to 60% of all retail is done during this holiday. How many small biz can we save this year? Our Christmas gift to community, country and the future of our children as entrepreneur. Stand for the spirit of our values built in our Local American Made.




Call-out to Corporate America – Join Us


To scaling this big will take some large players to join us. We call upon them today and all those who can connect us with them.

eBay, will you be the platform for our small biz?

Groupon, will you be the marketing arm?

Apple, your Apple Card the financial platform.

We stand with Goldman Sachs’ drive for small biz.

(Wall Street only offers their special access to large investors. Goldman works to offers these same privileges to small biz - for the first time.)

The Apple universe of a billion users is an obvious hub of enterprise and the techies of our day.

My dear Peoples of this Apple-world, will you join us?

The world needs you. America awaits you. You’re a nation unrecognized no more when you stand with us here today.

This platform will be the Amazon of Patriotism. No longer based solely on price, but with an eye towards the greater values of local jobs, clean air, water and land, quality food grown to our health, taxes paid and finally given over to our community, schools, infrastructure and manufacturers accountable to us as our own neighbor. Is this worth 10% more for a loaf of bread? How about 50% more. At least for this one day a month.




Take the Pledge – Today


Will you take the pledge with us - TODATY?

Which mayor will offer a Declaration to Buy Local American, 1 Day a month?

I Call upon you Mayor Kim, our mayor here in Hawaii.

Which governor will declare our state a Buy Local American Day?

I call upon you Gov’t Ige – Hawaii Gov.

Which Presidential Candidate or those running for office will take the pledge?

I call upon you Rocky, Kyle and Pierce. How bout you Kehele, my opponent for the Congress seat, District 2 HI.

VP Biden, will you ask unions to take The Community Pledge?

President Trump, will you call upon your 60 million Twitter followers to join this celebration of America?

America, are you ready to party? 1 day a month to honor and celebrate as one people?

Then take The Pledge.






The Gandhi Pledge


The pledge is a simple one. We call it the Gandhi Pledge because its’ the 5 simple things he asked of his non-violent movement:

Buy Local Made.

Ask your Friends and Relatives to Buy Local.

Ask Stores to carry Local.

Wear Local.

Make something with your hands.

(Let artisans and craftsmen find their magic in our hands once more as a nation. In the days of Gandhi, it was to weave their own cloth. Today, it’s to bring your imagination to life.)

The final step: $20.

Chip in just $20 and we will be fully funded by you. Finally, a truly independent political party – free of corporate dependence.  

These are the simple Pledges of the American Shopping Party.

Today we launch. Will you be a founding member?




Founding Fathers


A Founding Member, is for all those who join, during this 1 week fundraiser. It’s just $20.

A Founding Sponsor is = $51.

A Founding Patron = $108

A Founding Father = $500.

A Founding Partner = $1,000

A Founding Godfather = $10,000

A Founding VP = $50,000

A Founding President = $100,000

(This is a political party so we are not limited as political candidates for the size of donations.)

Within the week, we will know our scale and reach for our community small biz here in Hawaii – if not the nation.




America’s Last Hope - You


In closing: Take note of your power as the American Shopper and all those working to take it away.

Corporations spend billions lobbying corruption from politicians against our public good and often, in direct violation of your rights, voice and will. Corporations want us to believe WE are helpless to their power, but they know all their money (and the power it buys them), is given by you, the American Shopper.

Low Prices is the black magic multi-nationals use for factories built in place of our own job or the loss of quality in food, production and environment or regimes funded in oppression of their own nation.

Of all horrors by multi-nations, few compare to the Great Economic Coup of 2020 when monopolies shuttered all known competition – across the world. Amazon reached a $1 trillion dollar valuation after 25 years. Today, Amazon just doubled that to $2 trillion in just 25 months. So true of other Wall Street monopolies.


Shut down all of America’s 30 million small biz.


Remember, there are 30 Million of you. 3 friends and family joining you is 100 million buyers - for you. Join us

The American Shopper always decided winners and losers of industries both good and bad, the wealth of whole regions of the world and those wielding the reins of power in America.

Today is something different. Today, you are the last hope for America’s small biz. This is likely your very last chance to fight – maybe for years to come. We maybe witness to the last as an American Shopper of choice, economic power and a future as a nation of entrepreneurs.

And so I implore, will you stand with us today?

Stake your claim:

‘I am the American Shopper.’

‘I change the world.’

‘Today, I save America. I am here for you as a community in our darkest hour.’

Welcome American Shopper to your American Shopping Party.


Member Pledge:

‘I Pledge to...’


1) Buy Locally Made on 1st Friday

-Easy for stores @ one 1 day a month.

-Fun for shoppers.

-Big Event for Tourist.

-Every store will carry local that day.


2) Ask 3 friends & family to join me

-Don’t need TV & media once we talk to each other. Welcome to grass roots.


3) Ask 1 Store:

“Show me your Hawaiian Made.”

-10 to 20 customers asking Small Biz.

-1,500 shoppers ask Walmart, Macy; corporate will hear about it in 48 hrs.


  • Wear Hawaiian Made


  • Make Something (w my hands)


6) $20 –Annual membership fee.

(for Hawaii -300k people x $20 = $6 million. $ is for marketing blitz. Tourist get dozens of exposures of Hawaiian Style products. Scale-up all buy-local programs across state & get farmers into big venues like Ala Moana, Waikiki)


Principles of ASP

  • Only Positives
  • Celebration as Activism
  • Common Cause w/ 90% vote
  • Easy Action Steps of Time & $
  • 3rd Option Policy Proposals
  • Focus on Sustainability
  • New Dialogue & Think Tank
  • Monthly Projects
  • Gandhi Principles of Revolution – Gandhi Pledge.


This writing is tailored of a thousand articles read, the conversations shared and the deepest reflections held of my last decade in this journey of the American Shopping Party.  













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