Leverage Buying-Power for 4 Objectives


1) Guarantee a dedicated buyer for small biz - each and every month.

There is a minimum of 15% of all Americans (Hawaiians) that already take the extra effort, time, or costs to buy local or American Made. 15% of Hawaii residence come to 300,000 shoppers, which equals 6 million for California, and 50 million nationally. We gather it is likely to double this number of American's already active in buying local/American made. 

2) To scale-up our local businesses and manufacturing - Black Friday for Small Business - every month.

The next 3 months will decide the fate of millions of small biz. Our goal is to double market demand for small biz by Christmas. 1 day a month comes to 2 weeks a year. That's a great deal of time. 

3) To leverage our buying power so that every store (large chain stores) will now carry something local or American Made - at least on this 1 day a month. 

Getting the Big Box chain stores will dramatically boost small biz manufacturers by creating the market demand for USA made products - every month. Most buy local programs are geared around small biz and farmer markets. We hope to get the large chains to also join us as well. That should prove a deciding difference in building out the volume

4) To secure 1% of all gov't budgets dedicated to small biz and farmers. 

1% may sound small, but for Hawaiian State/County budgets that is $2 billion. That would be $700 billion nationally. 


Your commitment will build the support in these 4 areas of small biz: buyers, scale-up, getting ALL biz carrying local American and the financing farmers, and small biz need to grow. 


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